Fitness and the Global Pandemic

Being a nurse and attempting to build my own personal training business during the time of a global pandemic has been a daunting task to say the least, but it is one that I would never change a second of. Being a nurse in an ICU could be an endless blog in itself, but I will leave that for another time and place. Attempting to build my brand as a fitness trainer has presented far more obstacles than I could have ever imagined.

I've found myself constantly invested in fitness influencers vlogs, instagrams, etc. trying to do anything and everything that I can to even have a fraction of the following that they have and I have been have an incredibly difficult time doing so. One thing I have done that I was very excited about was pass out business cards to local restaurants, bridal shops, and even barbers, however these businesses have been open and closed ad nauseam. It has become incredibly disheartening that so many people have been affected so negatively by this and I am in no position to complain, I am just here to explain my experience both positive and negative and reach anyone that I can.

The mentality that I have had throughout this entire process and one that I hope to continue to have is one of perseverance and positivity. I have wanted to build my own fitness brand for quite some time but I had never attempted to do so for fear of what people may think of me and the fact that I was afraid of failure. However I have learned to let these things go. It may sound cliche, but life truly is too short to sit around idly while others chase your dream. While it is rewarding, working as a nurse has reminded me that life is too short and to take nothing for granted. I have the capability to pursue my dream and thats what I am going to do, and I urge you to do the same.

This entry is going to be short because it is the first blog I have written, but there will be many more posts to come. I appreciate all of you.

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